I have two series on the go, each with three books planned, and the potential to be expanded into more.  These are not fixed titles, and could change.


In the Kingdom of Thieros…

1) The Queen’s Hawks

In the distant past, a doorway was opened between the human world and the Otherlands.  Through this breach came the shape-shifting sohlmeru, whose illusions and strange magics allow them to spirit away human women and use them as surrogates to carry their offspring.  The gods gifted humanity with magic, to fight this new enemy, and the Kingdom of Theiros formed the Queen’s Hawks, an organisation dedicated to driving the sohlmeru back. 

But now, greed and politics threaten to destroy the Hawks from within, even as a new and far more human enemy lurks beyond Theiros’s eastern border.  In another corner of the kingdom, a young woman is dragged off to the Otherlands on the day of her wedding, and her would-be rescuers will discover that humanity’s relationship with the sohlmeru has never been as straightforward as the priests would have them believe.


2) Untitled


3) Untitled


In the Empire of Eslaya…

1) Threads of Deceit

The Empress of Eslaya is struggling to maintain control of her unruly nobles and fractured court.  Her neighbours in the strictly religious and caste-structured empire of Toaku are seeking to harness the forbidden art of healing magic, against the wishes of their priests.  Meanwhile, the mysterious Governor of the lawless isle of Rilmir has plots of his own, which could shake the foundations of both great empires and plunge them all into the horror of war.

The threads entwine, the lies unravel and the fates of many will be caught up in the chaos.

Lily is a travelling singer, whose hidden origins make her an important playing piece in the battle for Eslaya’s throne.  She must unpick the truth from the lies, if she hopes to regain control of her future.

Apprentice spy Jasten is assigned to protect Lily and root out a dangerous hidden enemy.  Neither task will prove as straightforward as he expects.

Zebryn of Amberlake is a young Lord with a lot to live up to.  As acting spymaster to the Empress of Eslaya, he must uncover the plots that threaten her rule, while fending off his family’s attempts to marry him off to a suitable bride.

Miala is a mute slave, owned by the Governor of Rilmir.  Captured and is imprisoned in the Eslayan capital, she must choose between loyalty to her master and her own survival.

Marika is mercenary with a troubled past, who uses her healing magic as a weapon.  Accused of a crime she didn’t commit, she becomes caught up in the Toakun Emperor’s plans.

Kurenno is a Toakun city guardsman and former friend of Marika.  On the trail of a series of kidnappings, his investigation points to some dangerous suspects.


2) Threads of Ruin


3) Threads of Fate